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Kepada seluruh Vendor/Supplier CNOOC SES Ltd.,
Hati-hati dengan penipuan mengatas-namakan pegawai CNOOC SES Ltd., melalui telepon, SMS, atau email, yang menawarkan proyek atau hasil lelang dengan imbalan meminta/meminjam sejumlah uang...selengkapnya

Welcome to CNOOC SES Ltd. Procurement Online Board!

Here you can find daily updated announcement and information regarding procurement related activity in CNOOC SES Ltd. You can choose from our bid announcements categories from the main menu to view our ongoing tenders, or you can search directly from our database. Enjoy your stay!


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CNOOC SES Ltd. QHSE Department shall conduct monthly clarification meeting of QVHSE-MS intended for the selected vendors.


General Information

Hazardous Material Handling 

Delivery of the hazardous material by supplier shall include all information as set forth in any regulation issued by CNOOC SES Ltd. and other relevant regulations. The information shall be included in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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Perusahaan Dalam Negeri adalah perusahaan yang didirikan berdasarkan hukum Negara Republik Indonesia yang melakukan penanaman modal di wilayah negara Republik Indonesia dan:

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During registration, the providers of goods/services...


Notification to all CNOOC’s Supplier/Contractor regarding modus operandi....

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Anoouncement to all vendors for using BUMN/BUMD Bank

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Standard Form of Statement Letter of Local Content.. 

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Terms and Conditions for CNOOC SES Ltd. Purchase Order (PO) regarding terms of delivery, warranties, terms of payment, taxes, penalties etc


Instruction to Vendor (ITV) for CNOOC SES Ltd. Procurement Goods


Mandatory Pallet Standard for material delivery and receiving in CNOOC SES Ltd. receiving area.

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