ALWAYS update your company data and check your VQHSE-MS status (contact: Only vendor who has a valid CNOOC VQHSE-MS shall be allowed to participate in CNOOC's bid within the required work scope at CNOOC's worksite/field area.

Power of Attorney

In the event of the Director / Managing Director of your company which in accordance to the article of associations and its changes, cannot fulfill the following:

  1. To attend the Prebid Meeting and to sign the Minutes of Meeting of Prebid Meeting Minutes with attendance list of Prebid Meeting.
  2. To attend the Proposal Document Opening Meeting and to sign the Minutes of Proposal Document Opening Meeting with attendance list of Proposal Document Opening Meeting.
  3. To attend the Clarification Meeting after attending the Proposal Document Opening and to sign the Minutes of Clarification Meeting (if necessary).
  4. To attend the Negotiation Meeting and to sign the Minutes of Negotiation Meeting (if necessary).
  5. To undertake all other actions as deemed necessary in connection with the Bid / Direct Selection / Direct Appointment as mentioned above.

The said Director / Manager Director must fill and sign on stamp duty the following Power of Attorney letter.